»An extraordinary discovery!« (WDR3 TonArt)

“Brush and Bow – about colour tones and tone colours”

Hiyoli Togawa is fascinated by two objects that are both made of wood and hair and have a lot in common. Both create emotions by means of colours, shades and lines. The violist has been studying graphic art for many years and regularly paints in order to get into the right mood before practising her instrument. Tempering colours, composing colour transitions, shades and contrasts – all these activities inspire the artist when it comes to what she would like to create by means of her viola: tone colours.

Her passion for painting even inspired the violist to develop a new artistic format: “Brush and Bow – about colour tones and tone colours”. The back of the stage is a canvas with video projections that Hiyoli Togawa developed together with the video artist and director Daniel Finkernagel. Solo works for viola from five centuries enter into dialogues – sometimes with slow, dotted or circular strokes. Colours and sounds merge into one another. A sensual experience for eyes and ears, which makes the audience become aware of colour tones and tone colours.

“Dialogue by means of words and sounds – concerts-cum-presentations”

Hiyoli Togawa captivates her audience with a dialogue that consists of words and sounds. Just like her music, her presentations rest on personality, passion and a capacity for enthusiasm. Thus, the concert guests are provided with a profound insight into her artistic thought. What is well-known is experienced as something new, and what is new sounds as if it were familiar. By means of a dialogue made up of words and sounds Hiyoli Togawa provides a concert experience with a particular arc of suspense that stays with you for quite some time and gives you food for thought.

“Viola & Percussion – an enthralling combination of sound”

Chamber music for viola and percussion? As expected, the available repertoire is negligible. For many years the innovative arrangements by Hiyoli Togawa and the percussionist Alexej Gerassimez have added new and interesting pieces to their concert programmes. Both artists give ample proof of their versatility in a most virtuoso manner: the musical horizon ranges from dances and preludes of the baroque period to Impressionist onomatopoeia à la Ravel and Debussy to Spanish flamencos and Argentinian tangos. Romantic melos meets uneven avantgarde rhythms.
This exciting programme fascinates newcomers to classical music as well as aficionados because of its excellent balance of the popular and the new. Viola, subtle vocal parts, vibraphone, marimba, waterphone, gong and big drum are joined by the voice of Hiyoli Togawa, who fits in her own presentations time and again in order to build bridges between audience and stage.

“Around the world in 80 minutes – a sound trip with Hiyoli Togawa”

Hiyoli Togawa is probably the only violist that combines Japanese folk songs and sounds of the Aborigines with works by Bach and Ligeti and is really at home in all of them. Hiyoli Togawa is a cosmopolitan with Japanese-Australian roots, who grew up in the Rhineland with European culture. For the artist, who learned three other languages apart from her three mother tongues, “home” is a relatively general term. With her viola she travels – from one bar to the next – around the world in 80 minutes and every listener will hear both – sounds that are strange as well as sounds that are familiar. However, also in connection with this specific format the presentation on the part of the artist provides access to a wealth of experience that is normally unattainable – a concert experience that sparks the curiosity and the open-mindedness of the audience as to the offers and cultures of this world.